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At Astellas, we are dedicated to improving the health of people around the world by developing innovative and reliable therapies that allow patients and physicians to take the next steps in tackling hard-to-treat diseases. Today we are striving to be at the forefront of the war against cancer by arming patients with an arsenal of weapons and tools to help them manage their disease and live productive lives.

Innovative solutions, dynamic partnerships, a distinctive position in the oncology landscape...

Astellas is focused on becoming a global category leader in oncology by developing a world-class oncology platform based on innovative, research-driven solutions and dynamic partnerships. With this unrelenting commitment to research and development at our core, we believe that our success will depend on our unique ability to discover and develop molecularly targeted therapies and precision medicines that truly revolutionize the methods used to treat cancer patients.

Oncology research facilities include the recently completed Tsukuba Research Center, a 1.5 million-square-foot drug discovery research facility in Tsukuba City, Japan. Astellas also has broken ground on a new 160,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Santa Monica, Cal., which will be the new home of Agensys, Inc., an affiliate of Astellas Pharma Inc., in early 2013.

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A Robust Pipeline of Investigational Agents

Astellas is committed to achieving global category leadership in oncology through a three-tiered approach that includes (1) research and development that targets the fundamental aspects of tumor biology, (2) strategic partnerships, and (3) our existing expertise in urology and supportive care. Through these efforts, Astellas is quickly developing a robust pipeline of investigational agents.

To learn more about the progress of Astellas' clinical development projects, visit the "Overview of R&D Pipeline" on the Astellas Pharma Inc. Web site.

For information on Astellas' oncology products, see our Products page.

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